Mountain Pickers Association

a group dedicated to the promotion and playing of Bluegrass and Old Timey music in Melbourne


What's On This Month

Heading 2

Hi Folks

As we slowly emerge from the Covid 19 blockade, we are looking forward to a better and more musical 2021.

We're still not sure when club nights will resume but, with hope in our hearts we will be running the GREAT ALPINE PICK in 2021 at Harrretville .

February 26 - 28th

Go to the Great Alpine Pick page for further details.

Stay safe, Stay well, keep picking

and we'll see you as it is safe to do so.

All the best from Mountain Pickers

Some other clubs and dates

1st Friday from 7.30pm                                           Selby Folk Club

1st Sunday 1 - 5pm                             Upwey Country Music Club

1st Sunday  5.30 - 9.30                                    Peninsula Folk Club

2nd Tuesday  8 -10.15                                     Ringwood Folk Club

2nd Friday from 7.30pm       Fathers in the Chapel  Cranbourne

3rd Wednesday from 7.30                                 Jam at Upwey RSL

3rd Friday from 7.30                      Berwick and District Folk Club